Message from Fukushima

I know that this blog is dedicated to highlighting artwork and related topics. Nevertheless, I feel that situations like Fukushima and the multiple revolutions & wars being waged all over the planet are precisely the things that we should be making art about. It is hard for me to not make connections between these events and the and the the larger picture of who we all live out lives.

Here is a DIY video made by some local Fukushima residents. It seems to be in response to the government’s mishandling of the situation and the disinformation being created to ease the tension about the problem elsewhere in the world.

The fact remains though that there are a lot of people still living in what is an ecological and biological disaster area and the authorities do not seem to be doing much about it.

The video makers are calling for help evacuating the children and elderly from the area.

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-Stay Tuned

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