2012 = Wow!

Here is a video of all the moon phases that occurred this past year. When I consider time in a celestial context, it is overwhelming to realize just how much activity happens on Earth in between these events.

2012 has been quite a ride for me and it’s hard to believe how fast it all passed by.

I spent 2 months crossing the Indian sub-continent,
Participated in the Brunel Electronic & Analog Music Festival,
Was selected, along with Sudhu Tewari and three other artists, by the SFMOMA edu department to design an interactive game for the museum,
Received a residency at the Paul Dresher Ensemble Studio,
Had my first solo show and performance at the Basement Gallery in Oakland,
Received a grant to build the Sub-Sonarium,
And finally, participated in 5 Ton Crane’s collage installation also at the SFMOMA.

This year has been equal parts exciting, overwhelming, productive, frustrating, educational and overall, pretty unbelievable. I am grateful to live in a place, surrounded by great people and big opportunities. Here’s to an equally exciting and productive 2013.

-Stay Tuned

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