Alaska Knife

A good friend and colleague of mine spent last summer in Alaska working as a welder for the fishing industry. This summer that same opportunity was extended to me and I decided to jump on it.  I will be heading up to our northern most state in May to burn on some aluminum hulled fishing boats.

In preparation for this I decided to make myself a new knife. I think that experience is the best teacher, and so having none in regards to this enormous state, I can only imagine the many uses for a good knife that one might have while spending time in a place like Alaska.

My goal then becomes to find the perfect balance between maximize the functionality of the knife and maintaining its integrity. So far I have decided to go with a curved edge for chopping action. I have a hunch that this feature might be more useful than a straight edge. With it,  I can easily cut small branches for camp fires and even larger ones if I find myself needing a shelter.

-Stay Tuned

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