OK, I have been in Alaska for the last 6 weeks working as an independent welder on the salmon boat fleet on Kodiak. I know, I know, what the hell right? I should have posted about my decision to come here and how I prepared for it as it happened, but as anyone who works whit their hands for a living can tell you, posting about your works sometimes takes a backseat to the actually doing the work. I apologize for my aloofness.

I first considered coming here several months ago when a friend returned from a trip to the island and told me about the potential opportunities for a welder here during the fishing season.

In the months to follow the prospect became more appealing for many reasons and I decided to go.  As it turns out, my friend was correct about the opportunities for welders, but he was slightly off about the timing of it all. Fishing is the major industry here and it operates in seasons. The busy time for the several, smaller, satellite industries such as  electrical, mechanical and welding happen just before these seasons begin.

I have landed a few jobs so far that have paid pretty well, but most of the fleet is out fishing. So, to make up for the lack of work on the fishing boats, I have been putting in some hrs with a local boat builder.

Above are a few shots of a custom, aluminum landing craft that I had a hand in building.

-Stay Tuned



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