Alien Sound Art?

This video was featured today on Io9, one of my favorite blogs.

A few other videos of similar events have been floating around the internet for a few months now. I saw the one shot in Canada first; It was posted by a friend and fellow conspiracy enthusiast. Apparently, others have been shot in New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica and The U.S. mainland.

As an artist who uses sound as a conveyor of meaning, these videos are tantalizing to watch and think about. Are they:

* Natural phenomenon?

* Military tests?

* The sound made by the vacuum of space penetrating our ever thinning atmosphere?

* Extra terrestrial communication a’ la Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

This last one has my vote, even if it is the farthest fetched. I love the idea of sound as a universal language.

Got a better theory? Let me know!

-Stay Tuned



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