Backbone Fabrication Now In Full Swing

2013 will mark a shift in the direction that I have been moving in. The past few years were dedicated to the exploration of interesting concepts and the evolution of my creative work. 2012 was an exceptionally productive year for me, but like all things, change is sometimes necessary to survive. With that, Backbone Fabrication will step back into the fore front again and lead the charge of my creative life.

What is Backbone Fabrication you ask?

Backbone Fabrication was started in 2004 by Benjamin Carpenter to provide custom service and creative solutions for those who appreciate the aesthetic, quality and value of hand-made work.

Since then, Backbone has grown to produce a wide spectrum of work ranging from architectural metal work to green-design home renovation.

We design and build:

Architectural: Railings, Gates, Fences, Room Dividers, Sconces, Lamps, Chandeliers, Custom Hardware, Architectural Supports, Wood Stoves Etc.

Green Design: Integrated & Free Standing Water Collection, Grey Water & Compost Systems, Garden Beds Etc.

Workspace: Backbone prides itself on its spatial organizational skills. We will design and fabricate an efficient and practical space to seamlessly fit your personal or professional workspace needs.

Furniture: Tables, Chairs, Desks, Benches, Stools, Bed Frames, Cabinets, Shelving, Storage Space, Bars Etc.

Backbone also takes on fabrication work from other designers.

By integrating traditional techniques, re-claimed materials, contemporary aesthetics and sustainable methods, Backbone Fabrication offers unique, well-made work that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Backbone is seeking relationships with designers, architects, and contractors.

Affordable, Custom Metal Fabrication and much more

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