Bon Voyage Nautilis Crew

It was great to get the chance, once again, to be a part of the process that the collaborative group 5 Ton Crane engages in during the construction of their large projects.

My contribution to their current work (a scaled down and land-based version of the Nautilus) was the design and fabrication of the top hatch. This is the only passageway to and from the control deck.

I was able to use some of my forging skills to make the handles which I think adds texture to the narrative of the overall piece. I am hoping that since the passengers will have to touch the handles everyday, that the details won’t go unnoticed.

The handles on both sides of the hatch turn a spur gear which engages a set of racks. These travel outwards, overlapping the sub frame which locks the hatch.

It has been a busy summer and this project was a bit rushed for me. This caused many vexing fabrication problems. Nevertheless, after many hours of delirious installation and a small fire in the sub, the hatch is finally secured in place.

The crew will be putting the finishing touches on the boat in the next couple of days just in time to bring it out to the Black Rock Dessert for its maiden voyage. With luck they will encounter a giant squid at Burning Man that they can test the electric repulsion field on.

Nautilus Top Hatch from Benjamin Carpenter on Vimeo.

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