Sudhu Tewari on MAKE

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My friend and collaborator on projects like Tones and Dialogues In Motion was featured in MAKE this month for his Prepared Player Piano Pinball System (PPPPS).

Check out the article and his other projects. You won’t be disappointed.

-Stay Tuned

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Knocking The Dust Off This Thing

So, it’s been over a year since my last post. I wish I could write that my life has been filled with so many exciting and wonderful events that I simply haven’t had time to post about them.

The truth is, that my relationship with making art and building things has evolved as I have gown older and with that so have my interests and priorities.

I can say that there is a back log of projects that I have been tinkering with for the past few months and I plan to get that content up here soon.

In the meantime, hang tight, and stay tuned.




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A Bellevue Club Vaudeville Wedding – Hannah and LoRee

Vaudeville Wedding at The Bellevue Club in Oakland : LoRee + Hannah


I’m always thinking as I photograph a wedding, how lucky I am to have the clients I have. I don’t know how, it must be some kind of voodoo happening because .. my clients are rad! LoRee and Hannah fit right into that category.

Hannah and LoRee’s first dance at The Bellevue Club, Oakland


They had a 1920’s vaudeville inspired wedding at the charming Bellevue in Oakland {}.

Getting Ready for the Vaudeville Wedding at The Bellevue Club, Oakland





They were surrounded by friends and family who were super fun and looked dashing in their vintage inspired attire.

The elegant room was turned into a lounge and the celebration was speckled with acts throughout the night. Charlie Chaplin aka the officiant led the ceremony.

Their day started with a dance number performed by a friend, followed by a swanky fellow singing a heartfelt tune, then a beautiful reading, and onto their sweet vows to one another.

And then.. they danced their first dance. You know when you see those amazing old time movies of dancers doing the Lindy Hop? Take that and mix it with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.. and now you know what transpired.

That got the dancing part of the night going and the rug was cut many a time. Hannah had her dance class perform, LoRee did a special tap dance duo for Hannah, and in between guests had their own hoedown.


Surprise tap dance performance at the Vaudeville wedding.


At one point, Journey started playing and the sing- along was ON! It was all the songs you belt out loud when you’re alone in the car… yep… it was SO good!

And when you needed a moment to rest you could head over to the fortune teller to get your cards done or watch a fanciful BW silent short about the meeting of Hannah and LoRee.

And when the festivities finally came to an end the married couple had a comedic relay that led everyone out the door. The perfect ending to a perfect night.

PS Their ‘lil pup was quite handsome in his tuxedo.

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