DIY Wood Stove – Part 2

This past week I spent a considerable amount of time forging the legs for my wood stove. The roundness of the sphere is very beetle-like to me and I wanted to embrace the visual connections to insects. I had a few 2″ x 1′ lengths of all-thread in my shop that I thought would do the job.

The legs will be defining elements of the overall piece and I really wanted to make them as bug-like as I could. Real estate is an issue where it is going to be installed though, so I need to keep the overall footprint of the stove to a minimal. Most insect legs have multiple joints and are positioned, in relation to the thorax, in such a way that they would be near impossible to place on the stove in a functional way.

After struggling for a few days I switched gears to focus on the air in-take system. I am following a design that I read about on these sites: 

SWITCH   &   Wood & 

Burning wood is pretty inefficient. By channeling the air into the firebox from above however, the fresh oxygen mixes with the un-burned gasses and re-combusts. This creates a hotter, more efficient fire.

Air will be regulated by a 3-holed sliding vent. It will then flow around the body through the two pipes shown above, enter in the rear and pour down onto the fire from a manifold.

-Stay Tuned

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