I Made Another Stake

Made another stake

Ever since I found my brother’s shot put from his track & field days in our parents garage, I knew that someday I would have great need for it. I have carried it with me now for over ten years, through three states and several work-spaces, and that time of need has finally come.

When I moved into the Lost & Foundry, I bought a platen-style fabrication table. While its weight of a couple thousand lbs is something of a burden, its other features are wonderful to have. Of these are the grid of square holes across its surface. These allow me to drop tooling and jigs just about anywhere on the table, maximizing my work efficiency and comfort.

The table also acts as a steady base for the various metal-forming tools that I have made over the years. Previously these would have been held (improperly) in a vice. Now I can begin to standardize my tooling, which should streamline some of the processes in my metalwork.

I forged out a large shank to fit in the sq holes and formed it to hold the shot put at a desired height. Then I welded the shot put to the shank and bam! I have a new, sexy forming stake for working volumetric forms in sheet metal.

Thanks for not throwing the shot put away Mom!

-Stay Tuned

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