Japan’s Plan To Evacuate 40 Million Revealed

The European Union Times reports that Japan is in talks with Russia to evacuate a whole lot of people from the region surrounding Fukushima to the Kuril Islands.  These islands lie off the northern coast of Japan and were snatched by the Russians after WW2. Their stewardship has been disputed ever since.

In short, the nuclear situation is far, far worse that what has been admitted by the governments involved. It is so bad in fact that Akio Matsumura, one of Japan’s Ambassadors has publicly stated that the problem has transcended that of political debate about Nuclear power and is now one of human survival. That is, the whole world.

He describes the quantities of nuclear fuel and waste that are on site at Fukushima and what it will mean if their containment continues to fail.

It’s grim and frustrating to think about all of humanity’s accomplishments currently being outweighed by the tremendous fumbling of this, and all the other environmental crises that took place in the last 24 months, not to mention their cover-ups.

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