John Hollis

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I’m an inventor and artist working in the East Bay as Hollis designs.
And I am interested in play. I like what it does for people.
So, not surprisingly, I’ve done lots of work in toys over the years.
Generally my work is mechanical. Often with folding elements.
My working style is to sketch, tinker and do very fast and rough think/building in the beginning, then refine down the working prototypes, and then finally patent, and design for manufacture. Some times working for hire, sometimes licensing the concepts.
Some examples of which are shown here: the development of the radio controlled Tesla Roadster for Maya, and the licensing and invention and design of the Secret Alienz line of diecast transforming vehicles to Maisto toys.
I draw for pleasure too. As shown in the life drawing. But most of my sketching is for thinking, and visualizing ideas.
The Time-Scope sketch for example, is for an art installation idea that equates big distance with big time. It trys to enable a real corporeal understanding for big time chunks like 1,000,000 years.
It’s a work in progress at this point… but I like the idea of really getting an understanding of big time.
In a somewhat more personal project, I designed and built and landscaped my own fire proof Passive Solar home in Topanga Canyon California. Topanga Canyon is a high fire danger zone, so the house has features like tiered metal fire shutter awnings that also adjust to the sun angle, reflecting lots of light deep inside, through interior windows, or shading fully, as you choose.  Or then dropping down with winches to seal the house entierly against a fire storm. There is that mechanical-folding thing again. The stuccoed eaves are designed to be both fire proof and a natural round drip edge shape that blends into the walls. And of course, insane amounts of insulation through out. With water elements and pepper trees and arbors out side.
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