Lessons Learned

A wise person once told me, “Some days you get the monkey, and some days the monkey gets you”. The latter sums up the experience I had recently with an overly ambitions project that I began for a client.

I was commissioned to build a zeppelin chandelier. I chose (courageously, but unwisely) to make it with a certain set of techniques that, while work wonderfully in a smaller scale, turned out to have disastrous consequences for this project.

Above are images of my progress.  While it may look cool, it was a long, difficult and expensive endeavor to make it that far, which btw, is less than half way.

Some things simply do not work if they are pushed to a scale that is too large. This is why we do not have giant, man eating spiders on this planet, or why whales die if they get beached.  You know…physics.

The good news is that the client has been very understanding. My friend and shop mate Alan from Hero Design also helped me re-work the design in SolidWorks. I now have a working model and the train is back on track.

-Stay Tuned

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