MCA / Adam Yauch – Rest In Peace

Throughout my childhood, when the deaths of celebrities from my parents generation were reported, I was always fascinated by the sincere reactions and expressions of loss by my family members.

I  wondered  what it might be like in the future when musicians and artists that I looked up to began to pass away. For some reason I had always thought that Ice-T would be the first to go and wondered how that would effect me.

Today I am beside myself having just heard of the passing of MCA. Not only was he one of my favorite musicians, but also a pioneer of Hip Hop, a genre of music that belonged exclusively to my generation.

The Beastie Boys formed as a group in 1979, two years after my birth. When I was eight years old I got the License to Ill album in 1985 and have closely followed the group since.

MCA had always been my favorite member of the trio representing that which attracted me most to the group’s music. His scratchy voice seemed antithetical to the flow of the rhymes, but because the genre was still so young and shapeless, it worked perfectly. He was perhaps one of the least likely people to have such a large part of  the evolution of Hip Hop. Nevertheless he was a strong presence in the Beastie Boys and the genre as a whole who brought lyrics and content that always resonated with me.

Ad Rock and Mike-D, the other members of the group were the source of energy and humor respectively, but MCA was the soul of the group and I am deeply saddened to hear of his death.

-Stay Tuned

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