Salvaged. Think It Will Work?

Salvaged. Think it will work?

The Lost & Foundry is the name of the space where my work shop is located. It gets its name from its previous function as an iron foundry. Over the years, the foundry had accumulated a wide collection of industrial parts, materials and debris left over from the various jobs done in the space. When the foundry shut down, much of this was left behind. Now it all sits in a small, outdoor space behind the shop.

The beauty of this for a scrounger like me is the likelihood of finding something that I need when I need it. It is also nice because as L&F residents search for things in the junk pile, we tend to uncover other hidden treasures.

Last week I found this kiln under a shredded tarp. It needs some love, but if it works, it will be perfect for a range of things that I haven’t been able to do since having access to a proper heat source like this.

-Stay Tuned


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