Shenny Phillips Cruces Featured on SFMOMA Artists Blog

My classmate and friend Shenny is exhibiting her work this week in the CAA (Ceramics annual of America) at Fort Mason in SF.

Shenny is a talented artist that makes thoughtful and, at times, humorous work about gender roles using new and re-claimed ceramics. Specifically, she uses old porcelain dinnerware that was made in a time where gender roles, and our society as a whole, was very different and arguably more difficult for women.

There is still an irritating rift between the worlds of Fine Arts and Crafts that Shenny maneuvers quite well. I can appreciate the obstacles one might face working in the space between these worlds.  My attempts to merge my background in blacksmithing with more conceptual art has not been without its share of challenges.

One way Shenny overcomes this is by subverting the function that the dinnerware was originally intended for. She then builds, combines, fuses and adds imagery that negates and counteracts elements of the social culture which produced this dinnerware.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the article and go see the show!

-Stay Tuned

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