The Amendomatic

Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s fame is a very politically active man. For this coming election he has decided to throw some of his energy into a creative project that aims at getting money out of elections and amending the Citizens United law, which states that corporations are people.

Mr. Cohen commissioned my long time friend and collaborator Alan Rorie to build a mobile, kinetic sculpture called the Amend-o-matic that communicates the problems of corperate personhood. Dollar bills are placed on a car which travels through a twisty obstacle course of quirky kinetic elements that brandish political messages. When it comes to a stop the bill is stamped with the message, “Then system isn’t broken, it’s fixed.” The bills then get re-circulated into our economy.

Alan asked me to make some of the sound elements in the piece. They are simple, gravity based mallets that strike various sized metal objects when the car passes over them. The effect is similar to the sounds of a xylophone.

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