The Dolores Park Fiasco And Another Nail In The Really Expensive Coffin for SF’s Culture

As you may know, the city of San Francisco (the div of parks and rec to be specific) has decided to allow food cart vendors to set up shop in Dolores Park. They recently sold a permit to La Cocina, a non-profit incubator for woman entrepreneurs, who will knuckle down this Sat, April 23rd somewhere in the park.

This has become a heated issue with people on both sides. On the one hand park dwellers will now be able to enjoy delicious food without the hassle of having to walk a block or two in any direction. La Cocina is also a good cause which makes it challenging to deny. On the other hand this can clearly be seen as the privatization of public land.

When it comes right down to it though, this is just another issue about money; those with it don’t seem to mind much, those without it are outraged. Could this be a microcosmic image of our greater economic class structure? Is SF now populated with more people who fall into a bracket which does not provide the perspective to see the importance in this issue? What does that mean for the future of (true) creativity for the city?

I choose to live here, because of the culture and convenience it offers. Is it possible though that the very convenience that I, and so many others, seem to favor could grow so large that it slowly ends up consuming the rest of the great things a city has to offer like, say, public space free of commercial advertisement?

Long time San Francisco activist, artist and goof Chicken John wrote this piece explaining the situation in what I believe is a sincere if not slightly inflated view. Then again, for those of us without the resources to have our voices heard in the city we live in, maybe this is just what we need.

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