The Least Handy, Most Mechanically Deficient Generation Of Young People. Ever.

As an artist and craftsperson it is hard for me to relate to the phenomena described in this article. The patriarch of my family built his first car from parts and continued to tinker, fix and teach for the rest of his life. This along with television shows that glorified DIY culture, inventions and fabrication such as MacGyver and The A Team, my future as a creative builder was solidified. Maybe I was just lucky.

Nevertheless, having had the opportunity to teach on the collage level recently, I have witnessed this lack of mechanical understanding first hand.

Based on my experience the lack of “hands on” ability does not seem to be a matter of intelligence, rather a more mysterious and ominous lack of connection to the world in three dimensions.

Lets hope that pixels on screens will someday soon cease to mesmerize and lure us away from learning the importans skills that we seem to so desperately need.

-Stay Tuned

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