The Nautilus To Appear At The Handcar Regatta

What? you weren’t able to take a week and a half off from work and drop a grand in supplies and fuel to drive out to that thing in the desert?

Well that’s OK, because the Nautilus will be making another appearance this weekend in Santa Rosa, Ca. at the Great Handcar Regatta.

That’s right folks,¬† you can still¬† catch a glimpse of (Handcar veterans & champions) 5 Ton Crane’s latest collaborative project – The Nautilus.

The Great Handcar Regatta
SUNDAY, 25th of SEPTEMBER, 2011, 11AM-6PM
Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, CA,
in Depot Park between 4th / 5th Streets & Wilson Street

Word is there is even free valet bike parking.

Don’t forget to check out the top hatch – I built that.

-Stay Tuned

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