The Sub-Sonaruim

The What:

The Sub-Sonarium is an exploration of the psychology that surrounds the associations between sound and emotions. It is an immersive, kinetic, interactive sound sculpture that synthesizes uncontrollable forces in a controlled environment. Standing eighteen feet tall with an equal footprint, it encourages visitors to sit, relax, listen and participate.

The How:

The Sub-Sonarium mimics the chaotic sounds of rolling thunder via acoustic, percussive mechanisms. Its chamber contains a series of long, dangling springs that are connected to large membranes embedded in the ceiling. Interacting with these springs causes movement to travel up to the membranes creating vibrations in the surrounding air.

The Why:

At times it seems there is little escape from the fast pace, high frequency existence that we have created. RF signals blanket the air, satellites clog our atmosphere and electrons flow through endless of miles of cable woven in a network that insnares almost everything on the planet.  Similar to the way a thunderstorm releases the humid tension in the air, Sub-Sonarium is a physical, mental and spiritual re-boot. It was designed to bring temporary relief from hyper-reality based anxiety through immersion in an audible, low frequency environment similar to those used to bring shifts in consciousness and achieve meditative states.

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