Updated Portfolio

If you haven’t seen it lately, check out my Portfolio, which I’ve given a little face-lift to. ┬áHere is a quick look at a few of my favorites from over the years:

Bronze Earrings. Available soon from Steadcraft.com
Textured Tube Beads
Bronze mission pennant I created.  Design by Jody Medich
Inspired by the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, and created for the "Sculpting Color" exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum. An additional set was installed in the R.G.R. Polymer clay, with wood and metal armature.
Ghost Image Beads
Lathe Turned and Textured Beads
Recursive Pin
Extruded and Lathe Turned Beads
Bronze belt buckle with torch patina. Face model captured with Autodesk Memento. Model sculpted in ZBrush, 3D printed, molded, and re-created with metal clay.

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