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For anyone that may be getting a little tired of the recent surge of data visualization that has spilled into the contemporary art world, I present the following for your consideration:

It is not the visual beauty of this work that resonates with me so much (although, it doesn’t hurt). Rather, it is the connections that this information makes regarding the relationship between humanity and our environment that are so profound to me.

Believe what you will about the causes of climate change. It would be absurd to deny its existence and the tremendous impact it has already had on human life all over the planet.

What then, could be more relevant to us in this context, than a map that visually expresses the activity of some of the major elements of our climate and environment?

If we can see the movement of our environment in real time, then we can also see the rippling effects that happen in our biosphere as changes occur. It follows then, that additional connections can also be made between changes in the environment and the economical and social states that exist within it.

A friend of mine once told me once that art and science are inverse to each other. They both deepen our understanding of the world and ourselves by refining the communication of ideas.

Building and communicating connections between changes in our environment and how they will influence our society and ultimately our evolution is intrinsic to our survival.

Two other projects that communicate similar elements are: Cameron Beccario’s Earth project, which is a global map of wind currants in real time and the wind map, a project that I posted about months ago by Hint.FM.

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