Wendy Rolon

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Writer-Textile Artist-Fabricator

Wendy is a writer and textile artist living in Oakland, CA. Cursed and blessed in equal measure as a raving Johnny Factotum, Wendy generally earns a living in the movie business, as a fabricator, wirter, teacher, video maker, micro-knitter, and when she’s very lucky, as a costumer of teeny tiny outfits for stop-motion puppets.

Wendy is also one of the founding members of 5 Ton Crane, an eclectic group of artists and inventors based in the San Francisco Bay Area who collaborate on large-scale installations of whimsy and wonder.

Wendy has kids too, really cute ones, and sometimes she even works as a truck driver, because she’s a bad-ass like that. If you’d like to learn to knit, you should ask her to teach you.

Check out Wendy’s wee knitting projects and also some of her short storires here. http://haikubeeyatch.blogspot.com/p/knitting.html


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