The mission of Five Ton Crane is to inspire, empower, and unite individuals in the conception and creation of public art. Serving as a catalyst, our initiatives drive education, foster collaboration, promote community service, and ignite a sense of empowerment, harnessing the transformative potential of public art for individuals and communities.

What We Believe:

Five Ton Crane believes that public art transcends boundaries, and we welcome anyone with a drive to learn, a passion for creation, and a collaborative spirit. Our philosophy centers on nurturing these qualities through education, mentorship, and apprenticeships, recognizing each project as an opportunity to cultivate a broader community of artists, and transform inspiration into reality.

What We Do:

At Five Ton Crane, we leverage our established reputation as makers of large-scale public artworks to champion and empower emerging artists seeking mentorship for their creative visions. We actively welcome and support collaborative art project proposals, utilizing our extensive network, resources, and infrastructure to bring these ideas to fruition. We are committed to providing artists with otherwise inaccessible education, resources, and support, including diverse opportunities such as workshops, apprenticeships, project mentorship, fundraising assistance, volunteer coordination, exhibitions, and specialized advice and tools from experienced artists and tradespeople.

Vision of Success:

Success for Five Ton Crane is a demonstrated demand for our services and an ability to respond to artists’ needs in a way that results in the completion of public art projects in diverse contexts; showcasing a vibrant creative community and an archive of successful works and programming; and documenting widespread empowerment and impact.

Indicators include:

  • Implementation of ongoing educational and creative programming, to include an annual schedule of mentorships, artist in residence programs, seminars, and exhibits.
  • The exhibition or installation of public artworks developed with Five Ton Crane support.
  • Financial self-sufficiency and the ability to fund expanded public art programming serving targeted communities.
  • Establishment of a vibrant and growing community of artists who support each other’s works and are empowered to bring forth bold and innovative creative endeavors in society at large.

Who We Are:

Five Ton Crane is a diverse group of over 100 artists, educators, builders, engineers, technologists, and more. Our name suggests our intention: Five Ton Crane helps with the heavy lifting and technical expertise that individual artists and communities need in order to accomplish their own creative endeavors. Our collective knowledge, resources, talent, and connections make possible ever-expanding opportunities for bold, inclusive, and innovative public art.

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