Jay Kravitz
October 4, 2013

Becca Henry

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Originally from the east coast I’ve resided in San Francisco for the past nine years and am loving it. (Though I do frequent the East Coast for work and play.) Other than photography my loves include but are in no way limited to: old warehouses, silliness, good belly-laughs, rock-climbing, gardening, all kinds of music from Edith Piaf to Johnny Cash, reading, art in all forms, traveling, and tecate with a lime. I go weak in the knees for oddball characters and music that makes me dance.

And why photography?…

Humans are complex and that’s what makes me so interested in photographing them.  We all have traces of our past: environmental, biological, and emotional written on our faces and displayed through our body language. What we present to the world is usually a chorus of contrasting images: pensive eyes, smiling mouth, determined posture. I’ve always found this beautiful and intriguing. Though the simple answer is I just don’t know how to live without it !