Lead Artists:
Naga and the Captainess is an interactive sculptural work designed by Cjay Roughgarden, Jacquelyn Scott, and Stephanie Shipman.


Lead artists (left to right):
Stephanie Shipman, shipwright;
Jacquelyn Scott, ship architect;
Cjay Roughgarden, chief instigator, lead metalworker

The richly layered scene is a moment frozen in time where a sinking ship spills cargo into the sea. Treasure and flaming whiskey casks float in the waves while a curious and fearsome Sea Serpent approaches the wreck, looking for something. 

What has happened here? Has the serpent sunk the ship? Or is he looking for someone or something to save? What can we learn about the enigmatic captain from her quarters? From her research equipment and journals? What do we suppose the serpent is looking for, knowing he is of a lineage of treasure protecting Nagas? What is treasure? When everything could be lost, what should we choose to save?

In the tradition of Five Ton Crane this project is a collaborative endeavor of dozens of artists who will be building the metal serpent, the wooden ship, and all of the treasure. With playful whimsey and the highest attention to detail, this piece will debut at Burning Man 2024 before journeying on to other public or private destinations for temporary and eventual permanent placement.

While we recognize there are many worthy causes in these difficult times, we believe art is a respite, a balm to the soul, and most importantly a community building activity. Our team consists of over 75 skilled and unskilled artisans, many who are industry professionals and many others learning a skill for the first time. Together we are engineers, illustrators, fabricators and storytellers, and together we can bring not only truly unique art into the world, but strengthen the trades and network of artists in the Bay Area and beyond.

Please see our presentation for more about the story of Naga and the Captainess: 

Naga and the Captainess Historical Accuracy Talk lead by Annetta Black from Odd Salon

Team Leads

Ship building Leads:

  • Stephanie Shipman
  • John Howell
  • Sinjin Knapp

Ship, Captain's Quarters design and props:

  • Jacquelyn Scott

Metal Fabrication/ Welding Lead for Naga:

  • Cjay Roughgarden

Ultra Commander "Subtle yet Hard"

  • Diamond Dave Gardner

Master of Mechanical Movements

  • Christopher T. Palmer (CTP)

Aluminum shaping at the Loom:

  • Zulu Heru

Aluminum Casting lead:

  • Guy Shochat and Christopher T. Palmer (CTP)

Master of treasure chests and crates:

  • Tim Lovold

Painting and Guilding Lead

  • Tania Seabock

Lighting lead:

  • Gerald Spencer

Fire lead:

  • Peter Kropf

Concept designer/illustrator:

  • Imogen Speer

3D Visual Development Lead

  • Grant Diffendaffer

3D Visual Development

  • Marc Wagenseil


  • Erik Kneer
  • Andrew O’Keefe

Structural CAD Developer

  • Jimmy Darling

Project Management

  • Veronica Pheils
  • Courtney King


  • Scott Moore

Curator of spontaneous experiences:

  • Haley Who

Logistics, advice, transport:


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