Jay Kravitz

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Fabricator :: Event Management :: Web/Graphic Designer

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Oakland, California artist Jay Kravitz has been pouring energy into the San Francisco Bay Area art scene since he first cast eyes upon it in 1991.  Jay currently survives :: thrives as a freelance Fabricator, Event Manager/Producer and Web/Graphic Designer (rsneight Designs).  He is a driving force behind Five Ton Crane, an artist collective responsible for large-scale art projects such as the Raygun Gothic Rocketship and the Steampunk Treehouse. Jay worked as the Senior Artist at the University of California Office of the President from 1991-2007 where he was solely responsible for the creation::maintenance::cultivation of a myriad of websites and printed material. In 1999, he skittered off the streets into the Crucible (less than one month after it’s physical inception) and spent many late nights helping to build out the space. Jay has been instrumental in the creation::cultivation of the Crucible’s design identity along with managing, producing, and stage directing all of its epic fundraising events from 1999-2010, including Fire Operas, Fire Ballets and the much-acclaimed Fire Arts Festivals. In 2007, Jay was part of a Crucible crew known as the “Diesel Dozen”, who crafted Die Moto, a biodiesel motorcycle that set the land speed record at Bonneville, Utah. With his introduction to the Burningman community in 1995, he created friendships and opportunities to work on large-scale projects such as Michael Christian’s “IT”, “Nebulous Entity” and “Flock”. In 2000, Jay was a core driving force behind the Crucible’s cupola crew melting 6000 pounds of iron – pushing the limits of what is possible in the desert arena. Jay’s efforts have been instrumental in establishing many long-standing events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Running the gamut of disciplines, Jay’s portfolio encompasses metal, glass, fire, ink, photography, found objects, web and graphic design, event management, music and performance – twisting sculpture into visual and tactile emblems of life.

Jay Kravitz

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